Most of us have heard of the term poor posture. Through all of lifes activities we all develop various muscle imbalances. Whether its partaking in multiple sports, sitting at a computer in the workplace, in classes at school or working at labour intensive activity, any number of short/tight, long/weak muscles can develop over years of overuse or inactivity. This makes us all more susceptible to injury in the immediate or long term depending on our age.

Sound like you or maybe a son or a daughter? Teenagers, especially nowadays are either very active playing any combination of sports or completely inactive. Couple that with a hectic school schedule where they sit for hours on end in a classroom or studying, these are all classic situations for the development of many issues. My programmes are guaranteed to alleviate the risk and/or increase recovery time from injuries sustained or imbalances developed over a period of time.

The package includes:

  • A full evaluation to assess postural and muscular imbalances throughout the body
  • Based on results a personalised 6 week programme pack is prescribed specifically tailored to the individuals needs
  • A complementary stability ball is given to each client
  • Weekly motivational email/texting service also availablle to all clients.


Client performs programme in his/her own time based on recommended schedule without the one to one sessions.
Included is a 'check-in' session with Eric to monitor progress.
Followed up with a six week reassessment session.


Client performs programme based on recommended schedule with 6 weekly one to one sessions with Eric over the programme period.
Included is a 6 week reassessment with Eric to monitor progress.
Based on the reassessment the client is given a new 6 week programme. 12 weeks of programming in total.