"In the past year my golf has improved immensely and I feel it is mainly due to the work that I have been doing with Eric. For golf you need to be strong, stable and flexible. Having worked on all these areas it has enebled me to make a more powerful swing."
Shane Lowry, European Tour Professional
(Irish Open Champion 2009)

"Eric teaches you how to attain a strong and flexible golf body which has made it possible to make a more soft, balanced and powerful repeatable swing."
Tony Hynes, Managing Director, Tour Greens Europe

"Since starting the program with Eric I have found a big improvement in my overall flexibility. His exercises have made big improvements to my golf. Even if I do not play every week, his golf practice day routine enables me to be ready to play when I do manage to get out. I recommend the programs."
Tony Coffey (Client, 67 years)