The package includes:

  • A fully comprehensive golf specific fitness assessment and video analysis with Carton Houses' resident golf professional Bernard Quigley
  • Based on your results a personalised program pack will be prescribed. The program will focus on problematic areas of the individuals game and how to rectify these through flexibility, stability and functional exercises specific to golf
  • How to optimise your game through good nutrition
  • The programme will take place over 9 weeks to include 6 weekly one to one workouts with Eric to accompany your home training program:
    WEEK 1: Fitness assessment and video analysis. Approx 1.5 hrs
    WEEK 2: Program prescription based on test results with full demonstration and teaching points. Approx 2 hrs
    WEEK 3 - 8: One to one workouts with Eric
    WEEK 9: A six week re-assessment, reprogramming and evaluation of progress with follow up video analysis. Approx 2 hrs
  • We also offer each client a complementary stability ball, pump and Titleist FMT band for their home workout programme
  • A weekly motivational email and texting service will be available to all clients