• Want to hit the ball further and straighter?
  • Want to feel more energetic and be able to concentrate for longer on the course?
  • Want to get rid of that niggling neck, back and shoulder pain?
  • Want to feel fitter?
  • Want to feel younger?
  • Want to feel GREAT?
My Golf Programmes will empower you to become the golfer you always hoped you could be!


I will begin with an example situation. Many of you may have trouble slicing the ball. The problem could be related to your swing, but what many of us fail to recognise and rarely address is that it could also be any number of physical issues. You may have had a number of lessons but that slice still hampers your game. It is not the professionals fault, but it is likely that you do not have the necessary range of motion in various parts of the body. That is where I come in.

My golf solution packages are designed through specific golf exercises and stretches to target problem areas of your game specific to you and you only. Would it not be a great help to find out that through my golf fitness programmes a lot of the problems holding back your game can be eliminated. Working along with myself and Bernard we will identify and solve many of your issues and unlock some of the secrets that the top players in the world have been benefiting from for years. The results from this approach to your game are guaranteed. The extent to which you benefit is up to you. The choice is yours.

Ideal for Golfers of all ages, standards & fitness levels. The programmes can be done in the comfort of your own home.